Content Strategy that Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Know

Content Strategy

Content is the jewel stone of any ornament that attracts the attention of prospective customers. It keeps your business ahead and helps it to establish itself as a brand. So, women entrepreneurs should know that their content strategy relies on some pillars and these pillars lays the foundation of your brand. But what are these pillars? How do these pillars generate content experience?

1st Pillar is Personalization

Data states that 72% of people like to purchase from a brand that consistently delivers a personalized experience. Despite this, a few businesses focus on personalization seriously. For instance, Shikha Sharma from My Fashion Statement shares her handloom saree range with her selective customers. She doesn’t forget to add personalized messages whenever she shares these selective updates with them.

2nd Pillars is Speed and Agility

Reports state that customers want real-time tracking and fast delivery. There are many business women who manage small boutiques and still, provide tracking and speedy product delivery to their customers.

3rd Pillar is Brand consistency

Be it your logo, social media background, corporate stationery or content strategy, everything should be aligned and reflect your brand’s identity. If you share newsletters, post blogs, and social media posts – everything should follow consistency and frequency in general.

4th Pillar is the Distribution

Before you confuse it with distribution, it has nothing to do with physical distribution. Distribution means platform. You need one medium that will connect you with your customers. Although there are many social media channels, not all can meet your purpose. For instance, Meri Pehchan’s business bio platform provides small businesses a platform to build their web presence online. Similarly, if your product is unique and innovative, you will also need to engage on Quora.

5th Pillar is Brand Voice

Brand voice is an effective way to build confidence among customers. Your business’s philosophy, values, vision, working style and story – all should be reflected in your brand voice. Many small businesses ignore brand voice in their social media postings. For instance, a brand that deals in biking adventure needs to keep the brand voice and tone young and contemporary, Whereas a brand that offers bridal jewelry needs to add tradition and family values in their posts.

6th Pillar is Customer Engagement

If all your efforts fail to engage your customers and do not bring any tangible outcomes, it means you need to rethink your content strategy. In nutshell, always explore ways to engage customers strategically, it proves that you are following the right approach.

We are sure that the above-provided information will help small businesses and young solopreneurs to make the most of their content strategy.

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