” Being the best is Great, you’re the number One. Being unique is Greater,You’re the only One “

Meri Pehchan is a Digital Empowerment initiative to help Women Solopreneurs in building their Powerful web presence and Self branding for Success and Business growth.

Imagine a world where women can explore their passions, find joy from what they’re best at doing and build businesses that make an impact on everyone around them and achieve success on their terms.We believe in YOU and we want to help make all of the difference.


We know that every woman has the power to change her life and create a better future for herself.Wear your success on your sleeve!  



 ” Our Mission “

There’s a new era of opportunity and growth with online media.The women of the future are taking charge, and we’re here to support their journey.


We empower women solopreneurs by building their Business-Bio website for No Charge. Helping them to create their own brand and  grow in this digital age. While giving them the support , guidance, information and knowledge they need for success!



 ” Our Vision “

Women should have the confidence and knowledge to take on a digital world. We envision an economic prosperous future in which all inspired women can thrive.



 “Why is this site so Special?”

Meripehchan is a Women-led digital empowerment social initiative dedicated to helping you build your online presence and strong self branding.

We will create and manage an amazing your own Business-Bio-website and business growth strategy that truly represents who YOU are and people can see YOUR story! 


You don’t need any technical skills or budget, because we do all the work for NO CHARGE with our best effort – it’s just one small step in making sure women succeed at Driving Change Through sharing their Knowledge, Expertise ,Creativity And Innovation (our mantra).

Your vision, Your voice.

Our  goal is to help you build a website and create your personal brand that reflects your best self. A Business-Bio-Website that is designed specifically for you based on your needs, vision and business goals. So get ready to stand out from the crowd and make a real impression online!


With MeriPehchan, you’ll have all the  support  and guidance you need to succeed online. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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  “Adapt, Think, Do Right, make it Happen, Create a strong online Presence so that people can find you and follow you!”



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