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Purnima is a renowned face in the world of occult sciences. She uses her psychic gifts to transform people to their core. Her Astro-Tarot predictions have helped many to become successful. She has strong clair skills where she acts as a medium to see, feel, and hear the energies from other dimension.  Purnima started her career quite early in life and had gained a lot of respect, rewards and recognition during her corporate journey. In 2014, she was guided towards occult sciences and has been practicing various modalities since then.


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Professional Profile

Baikunth was founded by Mrs. Purnima Chanan. She always had the desire to see the unseen which took her to this journey and today with the help of her Occult Knowledge she is doing what she always wanted to and that is “Helping People”. She has helped people from all walks of life for their concerns related to Health , Money, Career and  Relationships etc.


Apart from Individual Consultations and Programs, we run programs for Corporates and these programs are basically aimed at Employee Engagement and Development leading to Increased Productivity, Self-Development & Stress Management. These programs not only increase the Productivity but at the same time help in Employee Retention. 


We have conducted our programs in many corporates and just to name a few are – McKinsey, WM, Home Mentors, Veddis & Favista. We also provide our services to a few Senior Care Living Homes where we conduct programs like Laughter Yoga and other activities.

Our Vedas and Bhagavadgita are the foundation of Baikunth which we not only teach but preach.

Our Services

ASTROLOGY and TAROT READING– Our approach is solution based and very different from many around.Mrs. Purnima Chanan is a well known face in this domain of Tarot reading and her predictions are accurate. You need to experience it to know it.

VAASTU – Vaastu is incomplete if it is not in sync with the planets of people staying/working in the place and most of the people get Vaastu visits done even without knowing this.

ENERGY CLEANSING – Our Vedic methods are very simple yet effective. Energy as we all know is all around us but do we really realize it needs to be cleansed. Energy cleansing can be of self or the place where we work/live.

MEDITATIONS – Our meditation programs are based on the Vedic guidelines and are very effective. At Baikunth we run individual as well as group classes for different types of meditations.

MENTAL WELLBEING – We offer individual consultations for the overall mental wellbeing and upliftment. In today’s world everyone is mentally stressed, interestingly for reasons which are very small yet seem very big. Our Mentors help you overcome such stressful situations and make you a strong person overall.

SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT – We run programs for people seeking spiritual upliftment like – LIFE LESSONS FROM GITA / REIKI / ASTROLOGY / VAASTU and many others. 

KARMIC CLEANSING – A very effective tool as the name suggest it clears your Karmic deeds. We all know or have heard or even say at times – what we are today is because of what we did in the past. There are ways to clear those acts of the past and get rid of unwanted situations in the present life. At Baikunth we help you cleanse the karmic deeds.

REIKI – Mrs. Purnima Chanan is a Reiki Grandmaster and she has taught Reiki to many individuals who today not only heal themselves but their family and friends who need healing.

YOGA – A very effective modality to keep you fit and relaxed. Our experts provide group as well as individual classes.

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Purnima Chanan-Founder Baikunth

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