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gonthraling by nehanya

Every skin is different and reacts differently in different weather conditions so in order to give what is required to the skin we customize Skin care products according to skin and its requirement without using any harsh chemical


All products are handcrafted personally by Nehanya 


Nehanya is Delhi based entrepreneurs. Professionally  she is Graduate in Early Child Education (Bsc.ECE) and Diploma Holder in Formulation of Natural Skin care products .

Products by Nehanya

Cleansing Milk 80ml
Distilled Water
Clay pack 50 Gm
Clay Pack
Distilled Water 200ml
Go Radiance Serum
Cucumber Gel 100gm
Cucumber Gel
Sandalwood _ Orange toner 100ml
Sandalwood orange toner
Saffron Gel 40gm WIDE
Saffron Gel
Green Tea Gel 40gmWIDE
Green Tea Gel
Saffron _ orange Scrub 50 Gm WIDE
Saffron & Orange Scrub

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