Website Vs. Social Media: Which is a Better Choice for Women Solopreneurs

Women Solopreneurs

Several women Solopreneurs encounter this question at some stage of their Business.

In this blog we will analyze both channels and help solopreneurs to reach out a constructive solution.

As a women solopreneurs, you face more crucial questions like Which one of two can generate the most potential customers? Which channel can generate a bigger ROI? Or which platform can help businesses to establish themselves faster?

You can not reach a conclusion till you understand the pros and cons of both channels. Let’s understand the website and Social media channels one by one.

How do Websites help in Business?

The way shop is crucial for retail businesses, the same way a website gives you a similar upper edge over competitors. A website is a crucial extension of your Business that helps in generating sales. It creates brand awareness and generates customer loyalty. Moreover, you can showcase all your marketing campaigns on your website.

Advantages of the Website

● Your website is your online real estate asset.

● The website gives the freedom that social media doesn’t have. You can customize your content on the website freely.

● Websites play a critical role in business valuation.

Disadvantages of the Website

A website’s design and SEO creation are expensive processes.
The website requires specialised knowledge, and you must the understanding to comprehend website statistics.

How can Social Media Help Businesses?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter- are examples of Social Media. These networks are influencing our daily life to a larger extent. As per data, users spend 2 hours 27 minutes on social media globally on average.

However, engaging and creative social media content plays a significant role in increasing customer engagement.

Advantages of Social Media

● You can have your social media page free of cost.
● You get a big audience, and with each customer activity, the impression of your post increases.

Disadvantages of Social Media

● To get better impressions on your posts, you need to spend on social media ads.
● To get better UX, you need to hire professionals to create your content more appealing.

I know we are again in the same dilemma: websites or social media? What is the best for your Business? But this time, we will head toward a solution.

Our Expert Solution

If you are a woman solopreneur or budding social entrepreneur, you can do your best with business bio websites. Portals like allow business women to make their business bio on their websites. It helps users to enjoy similar benefits of owning the website along with keeping the budgets in control. Business women can highlight their products through social media pages. This way, with limited resources, they will get the charm of both worlds.

So what are you waiting for? Make your digital presence felt today itself.

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