The Number One Piece Of Advice For Solo Womenpreneur

Solo Womenpreneur

Solo Womenpreneur – Tired of trying everything to boost your business and still not being able to figure out the issue? It’s time to introspect.

Today we see many Solo Womenpreneur, solopreneurs and freelancers. From pickle making to dress designing to the bakery to beauty: the list is endless. You name a field and women have created a niche for them in it. According to Google- Brain report women entrepreneurs constitute 20% of the total business being run.

But there is one section that gets stuck up in this journey. This write-up is a big shout-out to all such women entrepreneurs. No matter how hard you try, you cannot move, resulting in movement downhill. The sooner we get unstuck better for our business because once we start losing our customers it becomes difficult to recover.

Let’s first talk about what got us to that point that made us stuck. Although, there can be multiple reasons there:

Poor Products
A Lack of Branding
Outrageous Prices
Poor After-sales Care, etc.

But don’t worry, this is not unusual. Almost every successful business has its downs too. The beauty is coming out of it.

How to Grow as a Successful Women Entrepreneur

For any business/ model to be successful and flourish we should always keep the following points in mind.

Product Quality

The foremost important thing that will keep the business flourishing down the years is the quality of your product. Well, there can be absolutely no replacement for it. Needless to say, even a top-notch business fails if the product’s quality is not retained. On the contrary, a good quality product enhances the reputation increasing sales and profits.

Digital Presence

Digital presence is a vital prerequisite in today’s scenario. A business should have a digital presence to cater to a large pool of customers. Digital presence can help your business in establishing a brand. It builds customers’ faith and keeps your business standing tall in the crowd. Although, making a website need a good amount of funds and requires digital expertise. Therefore, you can take the services of business bio website portals, that can provide you ready to use business bio templates and start establishing your brand.

Competitive Price

At times when the competition is at its pinnacle, quoting prices after a good market survey is always a good thing to do. The pricing should be done strategically based on the location and customer targeting.

Supply Chain Management

It is the management of the flow of the product or services right from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery. Most of the time we start a business with good zeal but as the business picks up the supply chain gets unbalanced. So always plan prior and ensure a good supply chain. In addition to the reduction in inventory and overhead costs, it would help in ensuring strong cash flow and help in making the business more agile.

After Sales Services

After-sales support helps to gain the trust of customers. When a customer starts using the product there may be chances that he faces some issues. A good after-sales service will help people make better use of your product, eventually leading to happy customers and more sales.

Customer Feedback

The businesses that ignore customer feedback are sure to doom soon. Perhaps one of the most important keys to running a good business is customer feedback. It helps us to keep businesses updated regarding further requirements of the customers and guides us to make suitable changes to our product or services as and when required.

Having said all the above, no one can deny that women have an inbuilt good sense of all the above factors by default since they actually practice them in daily routine while managing their households and daily affairs. This really gives an extra edge to women entrepreneurs as compared to their male counterparts. So, my friends, what are you waiting for? Just flutter your wings, take note of the points mentioned above, and you are ready to fly again.

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