Dr. Ravinder Kaur- Holistic Wellness Coach

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Dr. Ravinder Kaur- Holistic Wellness Coach

I am a Qualified Life Coach. Trained Physical and Mental health counsellor, Acupressure Specialist, trained Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and NLP Practitioner ,

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and clinical experience to a wide range of clients to help them enjoy the greatest health .



Dr. Ravinder Kaur- Holistic Wellness Coach

Professional Profile

B.Sc. (Hons), University of Delhi 

N.D.D.Y (Dipolma in Naturopathy and  

Yoga) by I.F.N.H.Y New Delhi  

Diploma in Naturopathy (All India Nature Cure Federation), New Delhi Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy  


NLP Master Practitioner   

Holistic Wellness Coach


I had been offering my services to Khetrapal Hospital, Chawla Nursing Home, Access Health Care, to mention a few with my personal practice. I make my client believe that any issue or problem that we face in life whether at Physical, mental, emotional, financial, professional and spiritual relationship level THE SOLUTION LIES VERY MUCH WITHIN US. Now How to awaken our inner guide and live a healthy blissful happy life to what come may.

God’s grace, the experience of naturopathy for 18 years, followed by experience of Healings, Hypnotherapy and many other parallel researches, I study the client from all the possible aspects and search for the root cause of their hurdles. Once I know the root cause I work at the spaces or lacunae and thus increase the capacity of my client to the highest level ever. The chance of no or less recovery becomes impossible. Or chance of recovery thus becomes 100 percent.

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Life Coaching is a life-changing opportunity that supports you to pause for a moment and ask yourself what do you want out of life. What would a fulfilling life look like and what kind of person do you want to be. Life Coaching is solution focused, goal-driven approach to managing personal change.
Through life coaching, you can unpack thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back, and develop strategies to achieve your goals. So instead of letting life pass you by, you can live a life more in tune with your needs.


Naturopathy, or nature cure, as the name suggests is the path of nature. Simply following the laws of nature in the correct format can create happiness, health and abundance. Naturopathy is an alternate medicinal treatment which relies on natural remedies and the body’s apparent vitalistic ability to heal itself. It calls itself a “natural medicine” in essence, and favours holistic approaches instead of surgery and chemicals. This article aims at educating you more on the values of naturopathy or naturopathic medicine.


Hypnotherapy induces hypnotic therapy in the client to increase motivation or alter behavioural patterns. I, as a hypnotherapist, consult with the client to determine the nature of the concern, prepares the client to enter in the hypnotic state by illustrating how hypnotics works and what the client will experience. I also test the subject to determine the degree of emotional and physical suggestibility using personalised assessment. This is done based on the interpretation of test results and analysis of the client’s concern.


Spiritual healer begins to remove the mental blocks in the patient so that healing principle maybe released restoring the patient to all-round health. There is only one healing power pronounced with many names – nature, life, God, Creative Intelligence and sub conscious power. Healings are helpful for most kinds of physical ailments, mental, emotional, relationship, business, financial, business, growth professional issues.
There is an old saying – “the doctor dresses the wound, but God heals it.” The gift of co-creation/synergy with God makes possible, for the healers to bring creator’s energy into reality to heal themselves and others. So we unite with God’s energy and become the witness.


Studies show that more than 50% people are having Anxiety & Depression. These exhibit Physical Symptons along with behavioral changes. Identify the causes and implement quick remedies. A self diagnosis test with help tips will help you understand the under lying reasons. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Live your best and blissful life. Feeling sad , Hopeless, Decreased Energy, Anger,Loss of Interst or Related to these any symptoms- A Healer is very Helpful in Issues like Stress / Tension,Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Mental Issues ,Anger Releasing Negative Energy and Thoughts, Life Directions!

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